Accents in my home

So I figured if I am going to write a blog about my lifestyle and my home then the first entry in ‘Homemaker’ needed to be about my humble dwelling. I wondered if I could narrow it down to what my style is, but I can’t. Mainly because this house is not the house I intend to live in for a long long time. It was the perfect ‘first’ home for my husband and I, but we are outgrowing it at an alarming rate especially as we now have a daughter and the living room is turning into a play room. There’s more pink than I ever wanted in my life and more plastic than is good for the environment. It’s a standard 1930’s, three bedroom, one bathroom set up with livingroom knocked through to a dining area and a very small kitchen. It’s not a character house, and that’s what I covet. But when it comes to the crux, it’s our home and I love it for that reason alone. So I came to the conclusion that I would share ‘accents’ of things in our home that would give you a better idea of what I like and what I like to surround ourselves with.


This fireplace is probably the one thing in this house that sums up my style. We bought it at a local independant shop which sadly is closed down now. I loved the natural wood against the metal finish, teamed up with the smooth black marble hearth. The unfussy mirror (Laura Ashley) with clean lines helps open up the room. My dad has always been a huge fan of mirrors to add light and the illusion of extra space and I have taken this on in my home too. The rug is a giant sheep skin that I bought on sale when the Habitat stores were closing down. I always loved that shop and even though you can still get it online it’s just not the same. You can ajust about see in this picture, the pink plastic fanstastic toy fest that is taking over!

The accesories are things that I just simply liked and wanted for my home. The cracked silver jars are from Graham and Green and the blue vase with the amazing orange flower is from Anthropology. I was so taken by the colour combination on the vase and I just loved it, my sister treated me to it for my birthday. ( I also recently spotted it on the set of ‘How I met Your Mother!)


As you can see, natural wood plays a big role in our home. I just find the grain of wood so beautiful and it’s smoothness so satisfying to touch. The chest is from the same shop where we bought our fireplace, however I got bored of the plain black original handles so I replaced them with new knobs – again from Anthropology, I love that shop! The child’s seat and doll’s rocking chair are both from an antique and junk shop in East Molesey (there is a whole street of them which you can spend hours in). I painted them up with a duck egg paint and was so pleased with the result. They weren’t valuble antiques, so don’t panic that I’ve ruined an air loom of any kind!


This lamp I just love, I wish I could say it’s from a market in Marrakesh but it’s just good old John Lewis and was on our wedding list. One of my lovely bridesmaids bought it for us. Look at the way the light makes those fabulous patterns on the wall. The black and white picture is my mother and I with my sister, it’s one of my favourite photos. Photographs are one of the most important things in my life, they make me so happy. I have always had my camera on me for every party, wedding or family gathering etc. I am by no means a skilled photographer but I do take a good picture and often get the most memorable moment of that event. The cabinet in this picture is also John Lewis, my Nana gave me some money for a piece of furniture and this is what we bought. It holds all the gorgeous glasswear we were given for our wedding. So this corner always makes me think of our special day and of my late Nana P.

The only thing I don’t love is the wallpaper. It’s a ‘feature wall’ and it was here when we moved in and it’s one of those things that we just haven’t got around to changing. It’s pretty inoffensive and works with the room so I don’t mind it, but the moment I have some ‘silly’ money to play with it’s on my list to change.

These pictures are upstairs on our landing. My sister had asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday, she has always been brilliant at finding something really great or just kinda cool in an unobvious way. So I left it to her judgement, as it was a landmark birthday I just said I would love something different that represented me in some way. So she found me an origional theatre poster of the stage show of “Hello Dolly‘, it was on when I was born. Isn’t it fab?! I just love musicals and dream of one day performing in the West End. Hey a girl can dream can’t she?

The second picture is a print of a well known Banksy that I got on the Portobello Rd. My husband has always been a fan so I bought this for him one Valentines Day.

So that’s a taster of my home, one day I hope to have the Barn Conversion or the Edwardian Town House that I daydream about, but for now our 1930’s slice of suburbia is where we dwell. I will be sure to share more of my home as I go along.


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