Pencil Sharpening Cards

If you’re anything like me then choosing greeting cards takes you forever. I stand there looking for that special card to miraculously appear out of thin air. I look at the same comedy   cards and the same vintage picture cards with ironic lines underneath them and I just go ‘meh’ because I’ve bought them 100 times before. So I’m always really excited when I find a new range, be it comedy or just really lovely arty farty cards.


Today it’s the arty farty type that I have discovered and I’ve never seen cards like them before. They are by an artist called Ruth Jackson, who I’m pleased to say is a local to me in Dorset, and they are little drawings which incorporate a piece or pieces of colourful pencil shavings. So simple but so effective. There’s pencil sharpening bunting, flowers, ladies dresses and even Christmas reindeer. Whatever the celebration, Ruths got it covered.

Check them out and see what you think.

Ruth’s Pencil Sharpening Cards

The artist herself hard at work - Ruth Jackson

The artist herself hard at work – Ruth Jackson

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