Down on Honeybrook Farm

Luckily for me, living in Dorset means I am spoilt for choice for fantastic outdoor places to take my daughter to, and today I’m going to tell you about a charming place called Honeybrook Farm in Wimborne. If you’ve spent the first year or two of your kids lives making mooing noises everytime you see a picture of a cow then this is the place to come and show them exactly how those noises sound in the real world. So get your wellies on and go and get acquainted with the pigs.

What I love about this farm is how unspoilt it is with commercialism. There’s no gaudy signs or cartoon animals anywhere or gift shops bursting with tat that your kids will be desperate for. Just good old fashioned out buildings and pens full of lovely sheep, horses (Shire and Shetland), goats, donkeys and cows. Chickens strut about in the open, while gaggles of geese graze by the lovely pond. There’s plenty of places to picnic and there is a really great play park for the kids to run off any extra energy. For the smaller children there’s a village of brightly painted ‘Wendy Houses’. If that’s not enough then there’s tractor rides, nature walks and a pets corner for the smaller fluffier animals.

What I also love about Honeybrook is the price. You can either get a yearly pass that costs £55 and that’s for as many people who can legally fit in your car, to visit as often as you like (open mid Feb to mid Sept ) or you can pay for a car load each time you go for £6. It’s got to be one of the cheapest family days out there is going! Let’s also not forget the butcher, Honeybrook Farm has it’s own butcher just down the road and they do the best sausages you’ve ever had!!! I really do love visiting this place and my daughter loves it even more which is the most important thing. She get’s more fearless with the animals each time we go, she stroked one of the cows on the nose last time and the look on her face was priceless.

If you’re in the area or heading this way, put it on your list to do.

Honeybrook Farm Website

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