A mosey in East Molesey

Some streets are just made for Saturday mornings, and if you’re looking for a place to have a good look around for antiques and vintage finds then head to East Molesey, and more specifically Bridge Road, spitting distance from Heny VIII’s Hampton Court. I love this street for the mix of unusual shops with their origional fixtures and fittings, and the special little gems that you can find inside them. There are two shops that really get my attention here, firstly I’m taking you to Palace Antiques which is owned by John Prince. He actually specializes online in bronzes but this shop is a whole world of polished French dressers, 70’s stonewear and wonderful knick knacks that you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them! I bought my daughter two wooden kids seats and a dolls rocking chair here that you can see in my post ‘Accents in my home’. Have a nose at the pics of the shop and let it speak for itself.  (Check out that fantastic orange lamp!)

Although the shop itself doesn’t have a site here is John’s bronzes webpage

Next up it’s the Hampton Court Emporium, this shop needs a little extra mooching because everytime you think you’ve seen the whole thing you find the room carries on, the word emporium is nearly an understatement. This shop is the epitomy of ‘vintage’, you can find fur stoles, corgi toys, chintzy crockery, jewellery, origional album posters and football programs. I was spoilt for choice of what to photograph, so I am posting as many of the pics as I can. Of course a picture is never as good as the real thing so go and spend an spare hour here. (I may have to go back and get the WARNING sign ‘Children left unattended will be sold to the circus’, I’ll put it in my garden.)

Hampton Court Emporium Website

And when you’re done, you’ve earned your brunch so head down to the Mada Deli for a full English, a smoothie and the papers.

Photo’s courtesy of little old me. Thanks to all the shops for letting me click away x

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