Micky Flanagan – The Back In The Game Tour 2013

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If there’s one thing you do this year, try and get to see Micky Flanagan. My husband and I have just been to see him and I can tell you I haven’t cried laughing like that for a long time. Of course it does depend on what you find funny. If you’re someone who is easily offended by the F bomb, or you are sensitive about religion or political correctness then this is most definitely not for you. But you know what, life is serious enough as it is, you can’t do this, you can’t say that, and sometimes you just need someone to turn around and say ‘screw that lets just laugh the ass out of everything’.

Micky doesn’t need gimmicks, there’s no crazy set, no name in lights, no warm up act. Just a table on a stage with a bottle of water and a mic stand. I won’t even try and replicate any of his jokes but when he starts the night with a routine about Oscar Pistorius and Jimmy Savile you know what kind of a night it’s going to be. His wife must be a strong woman ‘cos she’s by no means off limits and you’ll even get some of Micky’s tips on shoplifting, that is if you’re in the market for a packet of mini pork pies. My face hurt, my ears were ringing from the noise of laughter and I felt like I had had a proper night out and forgotten any other stresses or world issues for just a few hours.

The tour is on until the end of November and there are still tickets up for grabs from about the end of May onwards all over the UK and Ireland. (Before that it is plain sold out!)

Get a ticket now and give yourself a night out to remember.

Micky Flanagan Tour

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