Wardrobe Makeovers – ‘Organised Options’

If you’ve read a bit about me on here you will know that I do some presenting work for QVC. I am one of their home and lifestyle ‘gurus’ bringing you fantastic home products to organise your life. So today I am going to tell you about one of them. Folks it’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover, no I don’t mean your clothes I mean your actual wardrobe space.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are being a bit more careful with our money at the moment so treating ourselves to a new outfit has become a little less frequent. So I say lets optimise the things we already have with a few ‘smart purchases’.

Apparently we only use around 20% of the clothes we already have. That’s crazy isn’t it? All those lovely things that we bought just stuffed in the back of the wardrobe forgotten about. Half the problem is that we can’t actually see everything that we have at once. But unless you have Kim Kardashians credit card, personal assistant and walk in wardrobe it’s not so easy to keep your clothes looking beautiful and well organised……until now.

The collection of hangers we accumulate over the years is a hideous mangle of shop hangers, chunky wooden ones, awful dry cleaners wire ones and plastic tube hangers. None of which have any grip to hold on to your clothes and often have snaggy bits.

This is where I  swoop in with my ‘Organised Options’ range of hangers! These have a flocked, velvety, colour fast finish that hold even the silkiest, slinkiest items in place with a smooth shape that keeps your clothes looking fantastic. You can hang wet items straight onto them to dry without any colour transfer and you won’t come back to find the dry item has slipped off. Not only that but they are so slim that if you replace all your hangers with them you can save yourself a huge amount of space. As if that isn’t good enough they come with ‘cascading hooks’ that you can loop over the top and use them for jewellery or belts. You can then cascade the hangers themselves to group outfits together, saving even more space, or hang your weeks shirts or blouses together, ironed and ready so you don’t have that horrid ‘what to wear’ moment each morning.

What I really enjoyed about making over my own wardrobe was colour grouping as I put everything back in. I emptied my clothes onto the bed and one by one swapped the hangers over and put my clothes back in alongside similar colours. It took no time at all and the result was surprising as I had no idea I only really wear black, cream, pinky reds and greeny blues. I also found things at the back of my wardrobe that had fallen off my old hangers and I had completely forgotten about them.

Check out my before and after. As you can see I am not naturally tidy so this really was a huge difference!

I really can’t recommend these enough, they have transformed my wardobe In one fell swoop. So if you fancy getting yourself a 50 piece set plus 20 cascading hooks then join me on QVC. I am on this week Tuesday midnight 30th April/1st May, then 9am, 12pm and 10pm on Wednesday May 1st. See you there x

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