Mad for Vintage

I have a new favourite Saturday morning mooching place! Provided it’s the first Saturday of every month that is. Boscombe Vintage Market, held in the Royal Arcade, really is a treat for anyone that loves a bit of vintage or beautiful crafts. It’s full of interesting people, some of whom are fully dressed in their favourite 40’s, 50’s and steampunk clothes. Thankfully it has recently been saved from having to find a new venue, after the owners of the arcade decided they ‘couldn’t accommodate it’ any longer. It’s been granted another six months. See full story here.

So I took my friend Becki who secretly thought it would be a few old stalls that we would spend a few minutes on and then go for coffee and cake. In the end I had to drag her away. I am going to leave this post largely to the pictures as they show you exactly what you’re in for if you make the trip.

First up the bric-a-brac and nick nacks!

You have to have some time to work your way through the clothes so you don’t miss anything but it’s worth it when you find that special piece. My friend Becki was soooooo lucky and found 2 dresses that fit her like a glove, she won’t even need to have them altered. I managed to find a fabulous black pleated dancing skirt that swings right out when you twirl. You’ve gotta twirl once in a while, right?

Then there’s the crockery, nothing better than cake on a floral vintage plate. I also love finding coloured glass too.

There are also many talented craftspeople with stalls here, I particularly love the characters from The Cat in the Shoe

This is well worth a visit, check out the Boscombe Vintage Market Website for all their future dates. Give their facebook page a ‘like’ while you’re there.

If you’re not in the area and not likely to make it down to the south coast in the near future (why you wouldn’t I don’t know!) then have a snoop at these sites from some of people who sell here. for handmade vintage style pieces.  – Illustrator & printmaker.

The cat in the shoe Etsy store – for wonderful handmade creatures and curiosities.

Many of the Vintage stall holders have a spot in The Attic – 872 Christchurch Rd Pokesdown so you don’t have to wait for that first Saturday of the month to go and have a mooch.

Lastly, here are the two dresses that my friend Becki found. They look incredible on, I may have to make her let me do a little photo shoot of her with them on! Also the amazing snake necklace that she bought. (for the record I spotted it and graciously let her have it with the promise of a future lend, I’m good like that! )

Hope you make it down there, if not get looking online for your local pop up vintage market.

Love Katy x

Pictures by – Yours truly

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