Jason Manford – First World Problems

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In the last year I seem to have become somewhat of a comedy night junkie. Having never really been to many live shows I have now managed to clock up three big nights. First up was John Bishop, I have to admit my husband and I were kinda disappointed, it wasn’t that funny and he seemed more interested in telling stories about his shiny celebrity mates and showbiz lifestyle, bore off! Micky Flanagan was hillarious and put my faith back into forking out for a babysitter (you may have seen my blog a few months back on that one). So last night I was full of hope as my girlfriends and I headed to the Pavillion Bournemouth, and you know what, Jason Manford did not disappoint. I don’t know about you but I gauge a good comedian by how long it takes to cry laughing. It was about 10 minutes!

What I liked about this show was the amount of audience interaction, great banter and good old-fashioned heckling. As with any good seasoned comedian Manford is far quicker with the come backs than any audience member so heckle at your own risk. We had a cracker of a woman who sounded like she had been on the sauce all day but it made for some great off the cuff comedy.

The basis of the tour is ‘First World Problems’ which basically comes down to those really annoying trivial things that drive you mad in everyday life. We were asked at the interval to try to better Jason’s top gripe, ”getting home at the end of a really long day, you fall onto the bed only to realise you stripped the bed that morning….”NOOOOOOOOOOOO”! We can all relate which is why this show works. The gripes that came out from the audience were not all quite so relatable, the people of Bournemouth clearly have a lot of toilet related issues!!! Very funny though. I also managed to sit in front of Jason’s biggest fan. There’s always one who laughs louder and longer than everyone else as if they want the comedian to hear just how bloomin’ much they love him/her! This guy was no exception, hyena came to mind, thoughts of a mallet also, but it didn’t ruin my night it actually made it funnier.

So if you are looking for a top night out snap up a ticket, it’s going on well into next year and I’m sure will just get better and better as it goes along. He’s travelling all over the UK so check out Ticketmaster for your nearest show.

Love Katy x

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