Rustic Centrepiece

So two years after getting married I have finally got around to finding something that I actually wanted for the centre pieces at our wedding. Our theme was very natural and rustic (see my Pinterest page for pics) and I wanted all the flowers on, what I now like to call, ‘a slice of tree’. For whatever reason, I never got around to sourcing them. So last week when I went to a car boot sale and there was a man selling a whole pile of ‘tree slices’ I thought I had to nab one. A £1 each, perfect! This isn’t just for weddings, it can be a centre piece for a dinner in your home or for a party to put whatever you want on it. Here’s a few ways that I have styled mine.


Rustic elegance for dining in…..


…and out!

You can put whatever you want on yours. Flowers and candles work really well, but imagine a whole baked camembert with a basket of bread and dish of caramalised onion chutney or a Birthday Cake.

Now not every car boot is going to have a stall like the one I found, I do live in Dorset you know! So I suggest if this is something that you would consider for whatever party/function/wedding/dinner party then you should look up your local tree surgeon. I’ve been looking at a few sites and many of them offer wood for sale, what a great way to recycle!

Love Katy x

PS. Pics by me, crockery is Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Tableware from John Lewis

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