For the love of stationery

With all the kids going back to school this past week it made me reminisce about the excitement of going shopping for new stationery. Brand spanking new pencils, rubbers and cases. Fresh pads, felt tips and geometry sets. Going into school feeling all shiny and bright but of course making sure to tell people ‘my mum says I’m not allowed to share my new pens’. (Did anyone’s mum actually ever say that?!)

At my school one of our first jobs of the new school year was to cover our text and work books in wrapping paper! A complete pain in the bottom but at the same time a big deal. Which wrapping paper to choose? Would such and such’s be nicer than mine? Should you have them all matching or have different paper for different subjects? Aaaaaah decisions. What if your mum/dad/grandparent pulled out your worst nightmare, a roll of brown paper?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

All of this was a big deal, it was also mean competition. There was always one kid (the rich kid) who had been to Disney land, Florida in the summer holidays and was now kitted out with Micky or Minnie Mouse everything and flashing a wad of Disney Dollars in their hand. You stared longingly at her new Daisy Duck pencil sharpener and wondered if at some point in the term she might be up for a trade. She would of course smile smugly and say no, or worse ask for four of your items in return. That kind of decision is likely to make an 8 year olds head explode.

Anyway the fact of the matter is the love of new stationery is formed at an early age and I don’t think you ever lose it. I love nothing better than finding gorgeous new writing sets, cards, notelets, pens and pencils. So I thought I would bring you some of the latest sets to catch my eye.


First up, these pencils from Charm & Gumption. They have little messages on the ends of them like ‘Hustle’, ‘Be Brave’ or ‘She has Gumption’. I think they would make really lovely presents for friends starting new jobs or challenges. C & G also have some fabulous note cards and customisable stamps, check out the new address ones. They would make really thoughtful housewarming presents or wedding gifts. Hand written notes, particularly thank you notes, make the world of difference so much nicer than a Facebook message!


We all have those last-minute scrambles to get cards sorted for someones Birthday, Anniversary or to Congratulate so why not have a good stash of tags and labels ready to pop onto a bottle of wine or present. I love these ones from Mediterraneo Gifts which start at £4.55 for a set of 8. They also have some really nice cards so check out their site.


When it comes to stationary there is nothing better in my opinion than a brand spanking new notepad. Clean fresh pages full of potential and anticipation, ready to be filled with ideas and inspiration. I know that one day my daughter will probably laugh at me for making notes in a paper book or diary and tell me I’m old-fashioned but I don’t care. I still love organising my day/life with pen and paper! (Shall I get my purple rinse and hair net now?!) So what about these lovely leather note books from Jackdaw Boutique which start at £18.



Sometimes you want to have a bit of fun with your stationery and there are so many great ways to do that, washi tape is hugely popular at the moment as you can decorate whatever you want with it. Plain paper with a strip of bright washi tape around it can make a gift look professionally wrapped. Fun stamps and stickers to add to cards and notes make them just a little bit more personal. Have a look at these lovely treats from Tigerlillyquinn. I really love her range of notebooks too such funky colours and how fab are the weather designs?

So that’s me sorted for the new school term, I wonder if any of the others will want to trade anything with me?!

Love Katy x

P.S. Don’t be that kid that says your mum won’t let you share your pens, you might miss out on the best friend you ever had.

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