Beach Hutting in Poole

A few weeks back I had the rather lovely opportunity of borrowing a beach hut for the afternoon down at Sandbanks, as I was writing an article for my local paper The Green on hiring huts from Poole Council. It’s a tough life isn’t it?! For those of you who follow my blog who aren’t local I thought I would share it with you.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 13.22.05

If you’re anything like me then the announcement that the Poole Beach Hut waiting list was being opened would have made your little heart flutter. Finally there was a chance to get in the race and maybe one day, be the proud owner of a bunting adorned, deck chair storing, 6×5 ft piece of coastal happiness. So I set my alarm for the day and time of the list opening, yeah you read that right I meant business. Fingers ready on the refresh button I finally got the form up and filled it in as fast as my fingers could type. Card details put in and yippeeeeee, horray, phew. Now what, oh yes, we just have to wait between 5 and 7 years to be offered a hut!!

What do we do until then? Hire! Yes you can hire any one of the 74 beach huts belonging to Poole council dotted along from Sandbanks to Branksome Dene, daily or weekly, so I went down to test drive one for the afternoon. The hut we had (Number 40 at Sandbanks) was a perfect position for view, privacy and amenities with a huge area of sand right outside of it for little ones. The hut came complete with 2 deck chairs, 4 plastic chairs, table, parasol, storage cupboards, worktop and curtains. You can also choose a premium hut which comes with running water and electricity which might be handy for long-term hire, however you are welcome to bring your own camping stove. You can book online in advance or go down to the Beach Office and book that day (depending on availability). Prices start at £73 per week, off peak for a standard one, and go up to £259 for a ‘premium plus’ hut, peak season. So there are prices to suit most budgets throughout the year. Daily rates are just £31, which split between a few friends really is a snip and makes such a difference to your beach experience. My friend Jane and I had a lovely time relaxing in the deck chairs while our toddlers played in the sand, we took a picnic and enjoyed our shelter while there was a spattering of rain. The wonderful thing is the rain didn’t matter at all as we had such a fantastic base. We spent the afternoon running scooters and prams up and down the walkway, drank coffee and soaked up the day. I will definitely be booking again and next time will bring a stove or BBQ for sausages and baps! It really is a wonderful way to enjoy our great British Summer. For more information go to

Here’s a few more pics from our lovely afternoon. Thanks to Jane and Eva for hanging out with us!

I will definitely be hiring a beach hut again from Poole Council, its a fantastic way to add to your family days out and isn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer

Katy xx

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